Does straightening hair kill head lice?

Does straightening hair kill head lice?

Well, to be honest, this question has no straight answer.

There is no doubt that heat can kill head lice. In fact, sometimes some of the head lice or head lice eggs (nits) get killed during hair straightening using a flat iron.

But using a hair straightener just due to its heating capacity is not entirely a perfect solution to the problem.

So, in order to find out what answer suits you, let’s find out in detail below.

Are Head lice and nits really harmful?

Do you have any doubt?

Ask any woman.

Head lice are parasites in the human head living primarily in your scalp. Their presence in the head can be irritating depending upon their number. To make things worse, they grow exponentially in number and in no time.

They are very much like a contagious disease and can easily be transmitted to another person. For this transmission to happen, even a shorter contact between 2 persons is more than enough.

Once moved, they start hatching eggs in numbers which grow very quickly..

If they are greater in number and have been in the head for quite a while, they are likely to cause an infection.

Not to forget the ongoing irritation of having itching in the head. Such itching can also cause the hairs to get weakened.

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We’re not through yet.

Furthermore, their movement on the scalp also becomes the reason for tickling sensation in the area it moves.

Minimum temperature required to kill Head lice and Nits

The main weapon for a hair straightener or a flat iron to kill a louse is the heat it generates. Therefore, it is quite imperative to know what temperature is required to kill a louse.

Normally, for a louse, the fatal temperature level is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Normally, all the hair irons generate temperature in excess of the above-mentioned temperature range.

Since head lice eggs do not have any extraordinary protective shield, they are also destroyed at the same temperature.

Does it solve our problem?

Unfortunately, NO!

How do Head Lice and Nits survive the hair straightener?

Despite fatal temperature released by hair straighteners, most of the head lice and nits still get away with the heat and escape death.

It is not that Head lice have developed resistance or immunity to the increased temperature.

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Some Adult head lice may move up in the hair strands as part of their normal movement in the head. They are the ones only likely to get caught in the action.

And you know what?
Most of the Head lice and Head lice eggs stay close to the scalp. That is where they feed on human blood. Their hunting area is difficult to be covered by flat or curling iron as they usually aim for hairs and not scalp.

Moreover, head lice move quickly between the hairs. So, if you apply hair straightener on one section of hairs, head lice are likely to move to change their location for safety.

Does it sound terrifying? Isn’t it?

Risk to Kill Head Lice Using Hair Straightener

However, if someone is adamant to kill head lice with hair straightener only then we are left with only one aggressive option. That option is to apply the hair iron deep into the surface of the head scalp where the breeding area of head lice is.

There is one big risk attached to this aggressive rather adventurous option.

Considering the sensitive skin of the scalp, you’re likely to get your scalp damaged with the heat of the hair straightener.

That can lead to skin infections and complications which is more damaging than having blood-sucking Head lice.

Therefore, think twice before applying this option.


It goes without a shadow of doubt that the presence of Head lice and their eggs in the head is irritating. This irritation leads up to frustration and hinders many day to day activities.

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Does this sound familiar?

Continuous itching distracts the focus and you no longer are able to give your 100% to your daily chores.

It also doesn’t look cool to itch your head due to head lice. Particularly, when this itching doesn’t go down very well in professional environments.

It also gradually destroys your scalp and hair.

But that irritation should not let you go for damaging the solution of using hair straighteners to kill the head lice. This is only going to damage your head and scalp and you will end up looking for another treatment for your scalp.

So, if you want to get rid of head lice, it is advisable to try some home remedies and shampoos available on the internet rather than playing with your sensitive scalp. I hope you reading on Does straightening hair kill head lice.

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