Tyme iron pro review 2023: Best curling iron and straightener

Have you wondered why being a beauty-savvy is not less than a blessing these days? You can check for Tyme iron pro review 2023: Best curling iron and straightener.

Just take example of hairstyling, for naïve person, it can be a cumbersome task  if it is to be self-done.Let it be creating poker straight hairs, tiny ringlets, volume curls, loose beachy waves, bouncy cturl or big curl.

Having varying demands, they often struggle dealing with either curler or straightener. Many would want to curl hair with straightener.

Does this sound familiar?

Although there are already some curling iron and straightener in one solutions in the market but a new innovative hair styler Tyme Iron Pro with enhanced features is making the waves.

Tyme Iron Pro

TYME Iron Pro is designed to cater for the needs of both hair straightener and hair curler. This means that you do not have to buy tyme curling iron or tyme straightener separately.

This all in one product incorporates both features. Yet this innovative approach lets it serve the customers in endless ways.

Women want to try different hairstyles which vary from curls to straight hairs and each has countless possibilities of styling which sometimes becomes impossible for a hair iron straightener or a hair curling iron to tackle.

This revolutionary styling tool has eased down the problems face by the women. Here are best recommendation from amazon to keep your hairs straight and curly, whatever style you want for them.

Sounds great. Isn’t it?

All you need to do is to master the technique and just as they say the twist is not in hands but in the tool. So this is the very hair tool you can use for all the styling needs.

You might be wondering, how?
To achieve dual functionality for tool, superior technology was used during manufacturing of the product. Tyme Iron Pro is the upgraded version of Tyme Iron which means that it already incorporates all the best features of previous version, overcomes its shortcomings and adds new features to become more robust and useful for the customers.

Something about the Tyme brand

Tyme Products are envisaged by Jacynda Smith. She is a wizard when it comes to Beauty products. Being a woman, she truly understands the beauty and hairstyling needs of woman.

Just as they say, you need to put your feet in customer’s shoes to get insight about customer challenges and requirements. Jacynda has precisely done the same to achieve excellence in Tyme Hair Products which range from hairsprays and thermal protectants to brushes and dryers.

But that’s not all!

Super great thing about Tyme is that the continuous improvement in their products is made with R&D and customer feedback.

Initially, Tyme Iron made inroads into customer base looking for curling iron and straightener combo.

Nevertheless, there were some limitations in the product pointed out by the customers and quickly picked up by Tyme Management.

Having worked out the deficiencies, the Company introduced the enhanced version named as Tyme Iron Pro which is free of any pointed out shortcomings.

Tyme Iron Pro is available in 32 countries (including but not limited to USA, UK, Canada and Australia) due to growing demand which speaks volumes of its popularity and also the quality of the tool.

It is also the recognition of innovation of jaycinda which enables a woman to truly identify and express her beauty in number of ways.

Tyme Iron vs Tyme Iron Pro

As already mentioned above that Tyme Iron Pro is 2nd generation of Iron series from Tyme Style, the first being the Tyme Iron.

Tyme launched their first version back in 2014 to devise a solution for women looking for adorable curls as well straight hairs in lesser time.

The tool was an instant winner due to its purpose serving design. Moreover, its titanium plates (gold-plated) edged over ceramic plates used in other irons due to their higher ionic charge and efficient heat transfer to the hairs.
Tyme Iron Pro: Advanced Curling & Flat Iron Duo, Titanium Plates, All-in-One Styling...
  • Ultimate Styling Versatility: Experience the pinnacle of hairstyling innovation with the Tyme Iron Pro, the...
  • Rapid Heat-Up: Say goodbye to long waiting times – the Tyme Iron Pro heats up in just 55 seconds, getting...
  • Even Heat Distribution: Thanks to its titanium plates, this iron delivers consistent heat distribution,...

Company has recently launched Tyme Iron Pro in 2018 which incorporates all the best features of Tyme Iron and integrates new winning features. As a result, it has totally replaced Tyme Iron.

TYME Iron and TYME Iron Pro. The Difference!

Tyme Iron Pro Compelling Features

Killer Look

Needless to say, one of the features of Tyme Iron pro which strikes you instantly is its adorable look and design.

For online purchases, it may sound like a weird idea to initially rate an appliance due to its apparent look.

Still, what I personally think, for a beauty appliance, being beautiful is good omens to begin with.


This is undoubtedly most glittering aspect of TYME Iron Pro. As a matter of fact, one may safely assume that many women start dying to buy TYME Iron Pro due to its charming design.

And you know what?
Details of its outer surface may require ages to be described. The light pink metallic coloring with shimmer, attention to details and the sleekness of the device lines make TYME Iron Pro an impeccable device in terms of visual performance.

We’re not through yet.

I guess the most suited word which defines the design of TYME Iron Pro is ‘luxurious.’

For the same reason, you would want to keep it with utmost care and designate a special position for it on dressing table which will add to its distinctive look.

Having done the above, you will mischievously ensure that it catches the eyes of your friends wanting to steal it.

Because of its captivating look, it will give you feel good affect while giving style to your hairs.

How can you beat that?

When you open Tyme Iron Pro, you will be amazed to see its shine and smoothness in real life as it appears in Pictures.

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The manufacture certainly has seemed to make it a point to show the superiority of the product with its outer surface and appearance particularly with rose gold color.

But wait – there’s more.
Apart from look, It gives feeling of reliability as well. It is surprising to see that iron is so light to be used with ease still heavy enough to not give the impression that it is not made from cheap plastic.

You get the feeling that it is worth your money and something to brag about with friends.

User Friendly

You might be thinking that Tyme may have put in lot of thought about the look of the tool to the extent that it might have skipped the user friendliness feature.

Is it really the case?
As this tool intends to facilitate infinite stylings, thus ease of use feature is a must. If you look at the shape and design of the hair iron, it appears to be quite straightforward for the customers to use.

Heat settings given on the iron are obvious to understand and company has endeavored to eliminate the confusion by keeping minimum buttons.

As if that’s not enough.

Swivel cord fitted with the iron ensures that uncomfortable positions of your arms can be avoided while using the iron.

With their easy rotation and movement, you can easily position them where ever required.

So much so, it will make you say “It, without any shadow of doubt, is the easiest iron to be used.”

Tyme Iron Pro Auto Shut Off

The first version (Tyme Iron) didn’t provide the auto shut down feature which didn’t facilitate the mothers who sometimes get diverted by domestic chores or kids while in the middle of using hair iron and forget to shut the iron down.

Nevertheless, as raised in customer feedback, company has removed this drawback and incorporated the auto shutdown feature in Tyme Iron Pro.

Now the device shuts down automatically after 30 minutes idle time. It would not auto shut down while in usage.

Heat Memory

In addition to that, Tyme didn’t just rely on customer feedback, they proactively added the temperature memory feature of the product.

What does it mean, anyway?
So, whatever heat setting you were using, it remembers the same settings such that next time you switch on the Tyme Iron Pro, it restores the last used heat settings.

It is pretty cool feature for users who don’t share the tool with anyone and use same settings every time.

Tyme Iron Pro Temperature Settings

Tyme Iron Pro has five different adjustable temperature settings in order to meet the temperature needs of hairs due to varying nature of hairs.

Available heat settings are 300°F, 325°F, 350°F, 375°F, and 400° F. However, some people consider 365° F as ideal temperature for styling.

But common sense should prevail and one should be cautious to set heat settings and should always keep in into consideration her hair type to avoid any undue hair damage.

As a rule of thumb, the thinner the hair, the more delicate temperature it requires for styling. But remember this: There are exceptions as well.

For chemically treated, damaged or fine hairs, keep the heat setting at 300°F which is the lowest setting.

For coarse, thick and curly hairs, please keep a range between 375°F and 400°F  in mind for perfect styling. While range of 325°F — 350°F suits well to the normal hairs.

Tyme Iron Pro Titanium Plates

If you do some research on Irons available in the market, you will come across irons made of different metals.

However, for professional hair styling, titanium plates are considered highly effective and Tyme Iron Pro contains those plates.

Furthermore, they are efficient in providing equal heat and get warmed up quicker than the tourmaline or ceramic plates.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

This part is for those who are into chemistry big time. Rest should consider this as another plus of Tyme Iron Pro.

It reduces freeze and keeps natural level of moisture in hairs by producing negative ions when heated.

Wondering how?

It is because titanium is an ionic metal. This ionic technology does not damage the hairs and ensures that your hairs are silky and sparkly.

Above all, Titanium is strong like steel but lightweight metal which is one of the reasons you can conveniently carry titanium flat iron during your travels.

So, it increases your mobility without having to worry about the weight of your flat iron curler irrespective of wherever you go.

Tyme Iron Pro Heat Sleeve

If you have ever used any iron you would relate to the problem of getting it cooled down quickly.

You need to have a hot sleeve, without which you need to wait for ages for the iron to calm down.Surprisingly enough. Its quite heartening to see that Tyme Iron Pro brings a free heat sleeve as part of the package.

It means you are not required to go to shopping for a Heat Sleeve exclusively.

It’s a plus from Tyme and not only also saves your time, effort and money of buying Hot Sleeve but  also provide convenience of carrying the Iron wherever you go in a safe manner.

Let’s get started with Tyme Iron Pro

After receiving this top of the line iron from Tyme, You will instantly fall in love with this awesome iron as soon as opening it from a gorgeous packaging.

You will understandably be getting impatient to test it on your hairs after having passed it in first look.

If you have read Tyme iron pro reviews before proceeding to buy it, you will know that this Tyme Flat Iron comes with dual functions of straightening and curling your hairs.

You may be thinking:
How to curl hair with flat iron?
how to curl long hair with a curler?
Out of so many styles, what type of hairdo you want to get for your hairs?
Would it be smooth and sleek seamlessly straight hairs or would you prefer curls?


In case of curls, you also require to determine what kind of waves you want to get. Think of any hairstyle and this iron is there to provide it.

After deciding a hairstyle, you are likely to begin to play with your toy.

But Hang on!

It is not as easy as you would have thought it to be. Tyme Iron Pro needs some expertise to be developed in order to be used effectively and comfortably.

So if you want to be pro like a hairstylist you need to put in some effort earlier on.

When we say Tyme Iron Pro is both flat iron hair curler and straightener, it has a catch too. While you have the luxury to use the same tool for curling and straightening your hairs.

It also involves a learning curve which even a fifth grader can also master as it is not so complicated.

One side of Tyme is used for straightening while other side for curling. While you start the process, you need to get used to do it with a certain movement in order to accomplish perfect curls.

Tyme’s how to videos often compare this movement with motion of revving a motorcycle. Their YouTube video tutorials are pretty helpful and hardly leave any confusion in user’s mind.

However, for customers still struggling to get hang of the tool, their representatives promptly respond to their queries and often give tailor-made solution.

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I am afraid without following their tips and precautions; your first endeavors may go unsuccessful.

Straightening could be easy but styling curl may get one struggling to achieve it. Customer reviews also agree with this experience of struggling moves with curling.

But wait.

Tyme has got rid of this problem with a simple out of the box solution.

Free Videos Session with Hair Stylist

Sensing the above potential bottleneck for some of the new customers, TYME offers its customers a free video session online despite having dedicated YouTube video tutorial channel.

This sounds like a blessing in the earlier stage of using the Tool.

How does this work?
All you need to do is to pick a stylist from a list of professional stylists in order to schedule a session. You proceed further to book appointment considering your convenience. You can also have the options to have this session either on FaceTime, Skype, or Google hangout session.

Duration of this interactive session with a professional Stylist will not be more than 30 minutes.

Tyme hair stylers are professional and know their trade to the extent that they make the use of iron piece of cake for the beginners.

After mastering the technique, you will be amazed to see the variety of ways it can style your hairs.

Taming the Tyme Iron Pro

If you have received your Tyme Iron Pro, it goes without saying that you’re super excited to use it. It takes time to get grips with different styling’s but rest assured, the Tyme’s videos session is more than enough take care of your worries.

However, for quick reference, below are the How to guidelines about some most commonly used styles with Tyme Iron Pro.

Tips for curling the hair
First thing first, begin by ensuring dry hairs. You can continue with dirty hairs for better results. But if you want to freshly washed hair then wash and clean them completely. You can then use towel to dry them because you should never use the iron on wet hair.
After getting your hairs dry, it is recommended to group you hairs in order to manage them easily. (Although it is not mandatory but it certainly adds value).
Don’t forget to use heat protectant on hairs before grouping them.
Tyme Hair Curler is designed such that it appears like V shape when open. When you close it together for styling it turns to shape like a barrel.
You can use the on/off switch to switch on the Iron. As an indication of which, light will turn blue meaning that it is now functional.
In order to use it accurately, you need to hold the thumb over blue light such that it appears like bike handle. So it would take after a gold barrel when closed as mentioned above. Brown plates are visible inside when you open the iron.
This color scheme of brown and gold is for ease of user to differentiate. Remember brown lines for curls and gold plates for straightening.
Movement of Wrist is very paramount for this iron. When you’re looking to curl your hairs, position your wrist towards the mirror just like you ‘re revving a motorbike.
In next step, using the wrist position, move the arm slowly and gradually towards the mirror during styling. It should be moving outward or upward.
Using the aforesaid wrist action, you pull it up and over your head when you need to style hair at the back.
Now hold the upper side of one group of hair between the Tyme Iron while ensuring at the same time that your wrist is facing the mirror and then start moving the iron towards the end of hair till it is released from there. The result is a beach wave.
Please make sure that movement of iron through hair should be slow and smooth instead of rushing through it. Else you would not attain your desired curl. This basically is intended to get rid of any potential frizz and resultantly more curls are achieved.
As it is not a conventional straightener therefore its usage should be made gently, slowly and with consistent speed through the hairs otherwise uneven heating may damage the hairs.
With practice you will find out the speed which is required for your desirable curl type. As a rule of thumb, move the Tyme Curler quicker for looser culrs whereas move it slowly for tighter curls.
When you’re looking to style the left hand side, you will employ the same procedure. Right hand should be on top of your head and then place group of hair into iron. Now your arm should proceed towards the mirror such that wrist keeps facing the mirror. For some it is easier said than done but practice makes a women perfect.
It is not all about the iron, if you have fine hairs then you would have to be bit cautious after curling as combing the hairs is not advisable until the curl is set after the processing.
We are not done with the Don’ts. Too much of tension is not sensible as you will get hair kinks due to over pressing the plates. These kinks are more visible on fine hairs.
Professional stylist suggest not to use too many hair simultaneously. For better results, group you fine hairs vertically.
Don’t forget to switch it off when you’re done.


Tips for ringlets to smooth curls
Same prerequisites apply for this ironing too. Yes, conditioned and washed hair are needed to begin with.
Dry the hairs with towel and apply heat protectant.
Separate the hairs by grouping them.
Turn on the blue light.
Place thumb over blue light.
Make your wrist like revving a motorbike and keep it facing towards the mirror.
Place the hair inside the iron and barrel shaped body should be wrapped with rest of the hairs.
Slowly and smoothly move the iron towards mirror. while hair outside the iron should be held by your other hand during this glide.
Resultantly a shiny curl is ready to be released.
Tips for straightening the hair
The start, just like curling has to be with dry hairs.
Heat protectant is a must before any sort of styling.
Only slight change is required which is to see the gold plates for guidance. Now it is as simple as gliding the iron through the hairs gently.
Only slight change is required which is to see the gold plates for guidance. Now it is as simple as gliding the iron through the hairs gently.
Keeping general precautions as discussed above.
Place a group of hair between the gold plates and gradually glide the Iron.

Tips for Hair Styling others

Obviously, you may also be required to style someone else hair with your Tyme Iron. It is still fairly simple. For straight hair, use it like conventional straightener.

However, for curls, you required to make some adjustments in your hand position. Place your thumb on the “Tyme” area instead of on top of blue light.

Make the same movement of hand towards mirror. Practically you only reversed your hand position for this change.

Tyme Iron Pro Pros & Cons

  • The long-lasting build and use of sophisticated materials ensures the durability of this iron for longer run.
  • It is now equipped with wider range of temperature settings which work with 100% reliability just as promised.
  • Auto shut down of device after being idle for 30 minutes safeguards from any electric mishap and relieves you from obligation of manual shut down.
  • It provides flexibility to user to create any type of curl of straight styles. Its now the user’s headache to make a selection from bunch of hair styles.
  • Product comes with a free heat sleeve as a bonus.
  • Tyme offers a complimentary video interactive styling session.
  • Whenever touched, customer service representatives are quick to respond.
  • It has stylish and captivating look and brings a luxurious feel with it while in use.
  • Iron heats up quickly (within 55 seconds), Thus reducing the time taken in styling.
  • It avoids over dried hairs due to ionic technology used in Titanium plates.
  • It doesn’t have too many buttons to avoid complexity.
  • It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty, so no risk is involved in purchasing it.
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  • There is a learning curve involved in order to use it like pro.You should be able to use exact angle and exert required pressure to be able to get desired results.
  • Unlike common Irons available in the market, it is relatively expensive however its price may be off-set with the fact that this tool provides two in one features and eliminates the need to have curling wand and straightener exclusively.
  • Generally this iron should not be used with already damaged, too brittle, fine, chemically coloured or broken hairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

For which hair types should we use the Tyme Iron Pro?

Although, the iron is designed to cover all hair types still, it works best for coarse, thick or curly hairs which require smooth look.

If the hairs are already damaged, too brittle, fine, chemically coloured  or broken then avoid using any iron for such hairs.

For hairs with moderate thickness, you should be able to know the right heat setting out of five built-in settings.

Does Tyme Iron Pro damage hairs?

Tyme Iron Pro is not designed to damage hairs, however handled properly, it works perfectly well. By this it is meant that first of all apply Heat protectant to your hairs.

Then considering your hair type and experience with the iron you should be able to select the right temperature settings.

 Moreover, never press the iron on hair for unduly longer time. Most importantly, any iron(whether hot tool curl bar or hot tool flat iron) is not advised to be used for already damaged, colored or fine hairs as they are vulnerable and get easily broken. So be careful if you possess any of the above hairs.

Does Tyme Iron Pro get too hot?

The Tyme Iron Pro has five temperature settings: 300°, 325°, 350°, 375°, and 400° F.   However, it is advisable to ensure use of Heat protectant on hairs before putting the tool to task.

How many hairstyles can one attain?

Well, the questions should rather had been “which styles cannot be attained with Tyme Iron Pro”? the possibilities are endless as depending upon your innovative mind and skilled hands, you can create straightening hairs to curls of all types like beachy waves, tight/loose curls or ringlets.

Is it bad to curl your hair every day?

It seems like a good idea but curling or straightening your hairs may be damaging to your hairs even if you use heat protectant. As they say ”excess of everything is bad”.

Too much use of heat tool may turn your hairs damaged and dry which is contrary to what you are looking for.

Are ceramic or titanium flat irons better?

Both Irons are equal to the task of styling hairs. However, their effectiveness varies with hair types. For example, Titanium flat iron quickly heats up and works best for thick hairs whereas ceramic flat irons are more useful for thin hairs.

What is a good temperature for a curling iron?

It varies with thickness of hairs. For thin hairs, keep the temperature below 200 degrees Fahrenheit whereas for thick hairs, anything between 200-400 is workable but beyond 400 is damaging.

Which flat iron is best for curling hair?

Without a hint of doubt, Tyme Curling Iron is best for curling hairs along with bundle of compelling features like range of heat settings, auto shut off, heat memory etc. All you need to do is to master the technique and you’re onto a journey of great hairstyling.

Are flat irons bad for your hair?

It all depends on the user how she handles the tool and how she knows her hair type to avoid any uncalled for damage. Flat Irons are made for ease and convenience. Therefore, any damage or hair loss hinges upon the user.

How hot does the Tyme iron Pro get?

Tyme Iron pro heats upto 400° F. However, there are four additional heat levels which are lower than 400° F adding diversity to the Product.

Tyme Iron Pro Customer Service

In case of any queries, you can always get in touch with customer service representative on a short notice following a leaving a request on their help center.

This pretty much makes up for the lack of dedicated hotline.

Nevertheless, if a customer is still disgruntled or discontented with the Product, TYME offers a 30-day money back guarantee

As per return policy, when returning the TYME Iron Pro, customer needs to make sure that, the product must still be intact and without any damages.

Furthermore, other heat tools must be untouched and in its factory packaging.

As already mentioned above, 30-day period is also the time within which product is to be returned after receiving the product else the request for returning the product will not be entertained.

Before they consider returning the product, TYME gives its customers last opportunity to participate in the free Styling session in order to let them have second thoughts about their decision.

Customers are trained on how to get the most out of Tyme Iron Pro with regards to different hair stylings.

Plus, taking part in such styling session also allows the customers to have an additional return period of 10 days.

Order Cancellation
If a customer changes her mind s about buying the Tyme Iron Pro and wants to cancel her order, she can submit cancellation request with her name, order number and other important details to cancel her order.

However, this should be done before shipment of product. Last but not the Least! Details about tyme iron promo code can also be found out from Customer services representative.

Verdict: TYME Iron Pro is the end to your Hairstyling problems

If you have reached this far, you’re now supposedly well informed customer about Tyme Iron Pro.

There are certainly some trade-offs when you make shopping decision particularly when selection a product from a bunch of available options.

Although it’s a pricy product but after having familiarity about benefits and features of Tyme Iron Pro, it’s quite complicated choice to go for other run of the mill Iron for being cheaper.

In nutshell, its sleek design, durability, luxurious touch and newly added features add such value that is very hard to be ignored.

Moreover, there is risk of product knock off like Mestar Iron Pro as well just like any other product, so make sure you buy original product.

Above all, it is highly suggested to always keep your hair type into account before rushing to purchase any Iron as it is fundamental prerequisite of your hair styling which cannot be overlooked. I hope you like reading on Tyme iron pro review 2023: Best curling iron and straightener.

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